MASS4D® Custom Insoles Versus Traditional Insoles

MASS4D® Versus The Traditional Insoles

MASS4D® custom insoles are truly unique to your feet and support them in their corrected posture. Compared to traditional insoles that fail to provide the necessary arch support, our insoles help improve foot and body alignment and range of motion. Take a look at the differences between MASS4D® custom insoles and traditional insoles. 

MASS4D® Insoles Traditional Insoles
  FUNCTION Support the foot in its corrected posture to improve full body movement. Does not help improve or restore movement of the foot.
  MANUFACTURING 3D casting technology that captures the foot posture accurately. 2D imaging methods incapable of obtaining accurate foot posture.
UNIQUENESS  Each insole shell (base) is crafted to suit individual's bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level. No attention paid to the individual's bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level.
CONTACT  Maintains contact with the foot at all times and applies the greatest corrective force without the use of modifications. Variety of random modifications used: tilts, grooves, lumps, bumps, flanges, wedges, pads and cushions.
The end product is a truly customised, full-contact insole which supports the corrected foot position.  The end product is a generic, “one-size-fits-all” insole which fails to support the corrected foot position.
  DESIGN Insole design allows even distribution of weight in the foot. No emphasis on even distribution of weight in the foot.
  COMFORT The insole has the right flexibility and rigidity required for functional change. The insole collapses often, losing much of its effectiveness.
RESULTS  A visible functional change is observed in full body movement patterns. There is little to no functional change observed in the foot and body.
EASE OF USE  Personalised, slim fit and can accommodate most footwear. Bulky and can only be inserted in footwear with extra depth.

MASS4D® custom insoles change the way you think about foot health and its effect on the whole body. Take the first step towards better health with MASS4D®.

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