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Heel lift

An important add-on for recovery, to make up for any true difference in your leg length that lies between 3-mm and 10-mm.

Heel wedge

A pointed wedge, which is added to the heel of your insole, to treat any foot irregularities and enhance sports performance, particularly if you enjoy cycling.

Medical prescriptions

Any doctor-recommended modifications, like padding for inflammation or impact resistance, and horseshoe heel or cut-outs for open wounds or heel spurs.

Metatarsal extension pad

A 2-mm thickness cushion pad, which is placed underneath the front portion of your foot, to provide extra comfort for extended periods of standing.

Removable fillers 

A removable component used mainly by weightlifters for added support, during lifting activities in order to avoid any damage to the insole. 


MASS4D® combines the latest science on foot health along with cutting-edge technology to manufacture fully customised insoles for arch support that improve the overall well-being of the patient.

By using the MASS4D® proprietary calibration process in the manufacture and design of foot insoles, differences in anatomy are respected so that each insole can support the foot in a position that is best suited to the individual.

The company’s goal is to increase awareness of the need for better foot health care devices by fabricating a product based on The Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™ that provides comprehensive treatment while taking into account unique individual differences.

Having expanded across different markets all over the globe, MASS4D® continues to reach out to varied segments of both patients and clinicians with its in-depth approach to solving a host of conditions of the lower limbs and the skeletal system. 

MASS4D® custom insoles can easily be integrated into your treatment program, guaranteeing customised treatment not only for your feet but for your entire body too. This serves both as protection and prevention against future recurrences, whilst ensuring that you're provided with ultimate comfort and relief all through the day.



Our custom insoles are truly customised according to your unique foot posture. They are made taking into account your body weight, forefoot flexibility, and activity levels. 

Flexibility and Rigidity

They are flexible enough to provide superior comfort, whilst rigid enough to maintain the medial arch so that it doesn't collapse under your bodyweight. 

Posture Stability

Our custom insoles create visual postural changes in the body while helping treat common foot problems such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis and bunions. 

Medial Arch Support

They are purpose-built to promote arch support that helps in shock absorption, supporting body weight, and improving balance. 

BiLam Top Cover

An exclusive top cover for diabetic patients that prevents blisters and ulcerations, whilst providing adequate cushioning for great comfort. 

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