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MASS4D® custom insoles create visual changes in your body by correctly positioning your foot, knees and hips. Read more about treatment for foot problems with MASS4D® custom insoles and how they help promote the healthy alignment of your entire body. MASS4D® on Foot Biomechanics

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  • CASE #1  Bunion MASS4D Foot Orthotic treats Bunion
    BEFORE 40-year old female with a history of pain and immobility of the big toes joint, which worsened during pregnancies. By the time the Bunion was diagnosed, no other health care options had been sought out.
    AFTER Use of MASS4D® created an immediate improvement of foot arch posture and balance. After 2 weeks of use, she reported reduced pain and swelling in the big toe joint, and will continue use for further improvement.
  • CASE #2  Flat Foot MASS4D Foot Insole treats Flat Foot problem
    BEFORE 27-year old female visits the clinician after noticing out she has flat feet. Although healthy and physically active, she did report pain after doing physical activity for nearly 30 minutes.
    AFTER Examinations confirmed her discovery of flatfoot posture. Six weeks of orthotic use helped alleviate foot pain by over 80%. She also reported significant improvement in athletic performance, particularly in basketball.
  • CASE #3  Plantar Fasciitis Tennis Player With Plantar Fasciitis Using MASS4D Foot Orthotics
    BEFORE 27-year old tennis player with pain under the heel bone when she begins walking after a period of rest combined with achy pain in the arch of the foot after exercise. She reports a pulling feeling on the bottom side of her foot with activity.
    AFTER MASS4D® use supports the foot in its corrected arch position and shortens the length of the foot which removes tension on the plantar fascia. After 4 weeks of use, this athlete reports a 70% reduction in morning heel pain and 90% improvement of pain during tennis.
  • CASE #4  Achilles Tendonitis MASS4D™ Orthotics treat heel pain
    BEFORE 23-year old reporting pain and tenderness at both heel cords that have gotten progressively worse over the past 6 months. This person is a marathon runner currently in training for their first ultra-marathon event.
    AFTER MASS4D® use combined with reduced training and a comprehensive physiotherapy programme reduced the pain and inflammation by 50% after 2 weeks. They are expected to make a full recovery and return to full training within 4 weeks.
  • CASE #5  Knee Pain Knee Pain Reduction With MASS4D Custom Orthotic
    BEFORE 14-year old girl with right knee pain that comes and goes despite there being no injury. Her mother reports that after sport activities, the knee will swell for 2-3 hours. Only rest and ice pack application seem to help the pain.
    AFTER After only 1 week of MASS4D™ use, this young girl was no longer complaining of knee pain. After 3 weeks, the mother reported no inflammation of knee after sport. The child’s mother is particularly pleased at the improvement in her daughter’s overall posture and health with MASS4D®.
  • MASS4D Foot Orthotic treats Bunion
  • MASS4D Foot Insole treats Flat Foot problem
  • Tennis Player With Plantar Fasciitis Using MASS4D Foot Orthotics
  • MASS4D™ Orthotics treat heel pain
  • Low Back Pain alleviated using MASS4D™ Orthotics

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